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Author: Once upon a time there lived a man named Basil. He had a wife and a daughter called Cinderella. He loved them very much. Soon his wife died and Basil was very sad. He wanted that his little girl had a loving mother, so he married again. A stepmother was cruel and loved her own daughter(s) more, so she treated Cinderella badly. The stepmother and the stepsister made Cinderella work hard and do a lot of house work.

Let’s begin our story.

Cinderella (обнимаетотца): Good morning, Daddy! I love you!
Father (гладитЗолушкупоголове): Good morning, dear! How are you?
Cinderella (улыбается): Fine, Daddy, fine. And you?
(Звучитмузыка. Входитмачехасдочерью.)
Stepmother (надменно): We’ll go to the ball today. You, Basil, go away! Cinderella, I want a beautiful violet dress.
Stepsister (прихорашиваетсяпередзеркалом): And I want a blue dress with some pink roses on.
Stepmother (бросаетнаполвещи): Cinderella, clean this mess!

Stepsister: And brush my hair!

Stepmother: And make some food!

Stepsister: And iron all my clothes!

Stepmother: You can’t go to the ball, until you do this all (даетейдлинныйсписокдомашнихдел).
Stepsister (хихикая): Yes, you must do all these things, and don’t be lazy!
(Звучитмузыка. Мачехасдочерьюуходят.)
Cinderella (читаетвслух): Clean the house, wash the blouse, make food... Oh, it’s not good (плачет).
(Золушка плачет. Звучит музыка. ПоявляютсяДедМорозиСнегурочка.)
Father Frost: Why are you crying, dear, why?
Snow maiden: Please, don’t cry!
Cinderella (плачет): I have so much house work, what should I do?
Father Frost and Snow Maiden: We can help you!

Snow maiden: We have a magic stick – we can do some magic tricks!

Father Frost: One-two-three!

Cinderella: Amazing! Thank you, dear Father Frost! But I still cannot go to the ball…

Father Frost: Why, dear?

Snow maiden: Don’t you see her dress? It’s old and dirty! We should help her again.

Father Frost: Of course! Now, look at me! Close your eyes. One-two-three! (взмахиваетволшебнойпалочкой)

Cinderella (изумленносмотритнасвоеновоекрасивоеплатье): I can’t believe this dress is mine! Thank you, dear, you are so kind.

Snow maiden: Here is our Xmas present for your hard-working and kindness.
Father Frost (грозитЗолушкепальцем): But at twelve o’clock you must be here… or your dress will disappear.
Cinderella (радостно): Oh, yes, it’s clear.

Author: Cinderella was really happy. All house work was done and she had a wonderful new party dress. Now she could go to the ball and see the prince at last.

(Выход гостей)
Queen(обращается к гостям): Theballison. Let’s dance and play.
King (обращаетсякгостям): Let’s have a lot of fun today!



Author: Attention, dear guests! Cinderella is here. She’s beautiful, nice and good-looking, and her smile is charming. She looks really great in her sparkling (white) dress.

Queen (обращаетсяккоролю): Look at that girl!
King (восхищенно): She’s so nice and slim!
Prince (подходиткЗолушке): Hello! What’s your name?

Cinderella: Sorry, I can’t tell you my name… Don’t ask me, please!

Prince: Well, let’s dance then!

Cinderella: My dear prince, you’re so kind and honest!

Prince: My lovely stranger, I love you.

Cinderella (испуганно): It’s twelve o’clock and I must run. Bye-bye, I had a lot of fun (Убегает, теряяоднутуфельку)!
(Утро. Звучит музыка. Приехал принц со стражей.)

Author: The ball was over and the guests left. And the prince wasn’t happy because he had lost the lovely stranger. All he had was a beautiful small shoe. He wanted to find the girl, so next morning he started his searching.
Prince (обращаетсякмачехеидочери): We know you were at the ball. Try on this shoe.
Stepsister (раздраженно): Oh, it is too small!

Stepmother: Prince, don’t go away! Let’s try the other foot!

Stepsister (рыдает): It doesn’t fit as well!
Prince: I’m sorry, ladies. I have to go. (ЗаметивЗолушку) But who is that girl? Come here, please! Try on this shoe, my pretty Miss!
Stepmother (возмущенно): But she didn’t go to the ball!
Father (принцу): Give her the shoe! Her foot is small.
Prince (встает на одно колено перед Золушкой): I’m happy that I’ve found you! I love you, and I’d like to marry you.
Cinderella (радостно): Oh, yes, my Prince, I love you too.




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